Thanks Tahaj

by GoodWord

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In memory of the Thanks Martin Mixtape, this is what happens when a producer and an MC do things right. No shadyness involved. All love and respect.


released October 20, 2015

All Beats: Tahaj the First
Engineered/Mixed/Masterd by: D-Wiz (Dealership Studios)
All Scratches by: S.T.A.T.I.K & E-Train
Cover art: Thatcher Hillegas



all rights reserved


BPos California

BPos is D-Wiz (MC/Lyricist, Producer), Goodword (MC/Lyricist) Khafre (MC/Lyricist), and Johnny Venetti (DJ)

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Track Name: The Ring Ft. Tahaj the First
Cause all these rappers
They aware of how
I'm scary now
They see me
and they look away
They never stare me down
We facilitate you
With the means
To rehabilitate you
Fully frontal nubies
Wouldn't dare to clown
Me to my face
They couldn't spare a noun
To verbalize a distaste
For the new music
We sharing now
The truest crew
with the new shit
We keep doin
improvements to it
We not provin
Your movement useless
You just oozin
with new excuses
We've been around the block
But now our sound is hot
Always booking shows
So we've been going
Outa town a lot
It's like we found the spot
Cause everybody's comin
Yall be dumbin
Claiming underground
And sounding pop
Shout out to Funk Doob
Bow down to Krush Groove
We town to town
While these clowns now
Don't bust moves
Except the newest dance
In stretchy pants
And swagger rash
Fool, you better turn
This shit up
I shouldn't have to ask

Meet me in the ring
And you can bring your team
Soon as the bell ring
We'll see if you can swing
You probably gon' regret it
Soon as you get beheaded
So pathetic
better go and see a medic
meet me in the ring
your raps don't mean a thing
you wake up and scream
like you seen me in a dream
leave you with a lean
like sippin on purple drank
I leave the ring lookin
like a murder scene

I ain't scare of nothin
but I'm prepared for somethin
I wouldn't rush in
or I'm dustin off
A pair of gloves with
blood stains on em
done in one take got him
Goody scum-scrape
like a sponge & Ajax
but um...wait
we the fuck you say that?
cause I'm done fake
smilin at you bun cakes
I could eat yall on a lunch break
fuck yo couch
this shit ain't feng shui
inferior interior
which is why I'm superior
warriors of love
swarming from above
on the mountain peaks
animals without a leash
coming down for peace
found the crease
bout to oust the beast
sound is deep
y'all shit is empty
like some calories
from skittles and gum drops
I'ma set you up
like a dumb cop
frame you
then knock you out the box
like a Cracker Jack toy
you a wack attack boy
you a wack attack, booooyyy


I would put my life
on the line to define
what's holding us back
I just wanna hear the facts
I could give my life up
in a second to connect with
who's holding me down
to the ground right now
it really seems to be the cops
but that ain't where it stops
it's not the president even
somebody's scheming
at the top
hop-scotch in chalk
drawn all around the block
it's just another spot
they send the plane
to spray the crops
yeah, you could pray to God
but that won't make em stop
cause they who made the gods
continue to play the gods
and I remain a 5
searching for a 33
tell me did you earn
a perfect score for your degree
I might just stumble
upon the angel of death
and with a life of the hustle
behind the strength
of my breath I'm saying
look me in the eye
I ain't afraid to die
I'm a positive being
seeing me
should change your life
Track Name: If You Say So Ft. Khafre
I feel like I’ve been doing this shit for too long
with my sprintin shoes on
trying to get the pupon
I woulda quit
but the gift is too strong in me
clippin coupons
while you hit the new bong
saving money put in work
while you get your snooze on
baby vinny got spits 
come and get your lube on
that’s really all i know for sure
to blow some words
reality is so obscurez
or is it this society we living in
distortin our view
reporting the news
that benefits a few individuals
that’s how they landed on the moon
with a ritual that’s so masonic
and no one thought it admissible 
cause no one caught
oh Shit, I’m getting sick
i need some probiotics
why don’t i wanna get flue shots and vitamins
I dunno
I just don’t trust em 
like dudes who pop vicodins

how have i been doin?
i never really knew it
didn’t need to know the future 
to prove that i was a shoe-in
so how’s it really goin?
well i don’t think I’m known
and if you’re telling me I’m blowin up
I’ll probably blow it
I don’t really know
but if you say so
if you say so
if you say so
I don’t really know
but if you say so
if you say so
if you say so

So I guess I’m just proceeding
not sure what I believe in
cause time is always changing
my view
and the way i see shit
to the person always preaching
so sure of what's the meaning
how can you be so certain
your word is what we’ve been seeking 
reaching out to me pleading
if now I’m a heathen
I still can be saved 
in these last days
just praise jesus
or I’m a demon
but really what I’ve been thinking
is respect for respect
and forget about all the beefing 
leaving blood stains
all in the name of King James
I hate him like that dude
that was raping Ving Rhames
one day when things change
as our brains keep developing
age-old abilities
I still won’t know
won’t need to now
everybody's filling me in tho
without solicitation
but I’m found some inspiration
it’s within so
I can do without yo info
I’m not that new artist comin out
I been dope


Sense the sarcasm?
it’s hard to not start laughing
when you’re walking through
museums with fossils and artifacts
and acting like it never happened
evolving is called adapting
it’s always in action 
lasting till I’m gasping
for my last breath
you can’t guess
what I’ll say when I rap next
but you can bet 
a lot of chicks 
will be ready to have sex
but really nothing is for certain
except that you’ll be working
unless you like surfing 
on couches
and going out lurking
I found service
to a consciosness i never knew
recently stumbled on a frequency
to get in tune
that doesn’t show that I know
where I’m bout to go
or what I’m bout to do
or if I’m pounding those
but I’m real
so what I feel is coming out in flows
I aint about to slow down
sit around and mope
or gloat when it’s going good
though I know i could
I’m gonna speak with my pads
until I”m broke for good

I just broke up with my chick
the other week
took some time for me
ain't trippin off another freak
but everybody got somebody
I should meet
Everytime they just
Hype it up
like "she's fly as fuck"
Girl is "so sweet"
What she need?
she need some good good
yeah I got it
but if she ain't proper tho
I let her know I gotta go
don't wanna blow a lotto dough
to waste time
make my mind escape
and ride away on the bass line
within 10 minutes
of even knowing a chick
she keeps looking at me freaky
like I owe her some shit
I said, "I gotta take a piss"
and sneaking out
through the kitchen
slippin by, flip a five
to the guy doin the dishes
it's a saturday night
I kinda still wanna kick it
and I'm walkin on mission
I seen my guy
from the Richmond District
talkin bout a party in the avenues
that is True
didn't wanna be rude
agreed to share a cab with dude


A straight cockblock
dude is a fake
stab a dagger in your back
and smile at you in the face
even if he couldn't have it
wouldn't wanna see you get it
seen him actin dramatic
and I ain't even trying to sweat it

seen him having a panic
you know that shit is so pathetic

Watch I'ma see him
cutting my grass
like a plynesian save a hoe
I make a move
and he plays a zone
ladies know
that he's wack
but he traps em
after a true mac
smooth em back and relas em
that's when he's slicing
my achillie's heal
saying my game was lame
and that he's who
she should really feel
it's like a panic for
the last pussy on the planet
actin dramatic
as if his game ain't outa habit
cappin on my flaws
I"m bout to tap him in his jaw
when I saw
the bad ass chick
standing on the wall
all lookin at me smilin
she seen the situation
a fine feline
fine ass itallian and asian
like a bad group message
I left the conversation
they kept debatin
but I could see that
my dude was hatin
when he seen me upgradin
he couldn't take it
I really hate that guy
I wanna punch
his fuckin face in


I don't really go out
to meet chicks
but this time
I found somebody
that I could speak with
and relate to
debate news and lame crews
they chose to play Paid Dues
ooh baby I'ma take you home
and you know it
the feeling is so rare
we both can't wait to go there
she said
"I gotta use the bathroom…
…gimme just a minute"
I said,
"I'll hold a cab…
…come on out…
…and hop up in it"
she kissed me on the cheek
I dipped to the street
then when she came out,
what the shit did i see?
old dude
all chasing her
and begging her to kick it
saying, "dude is a hoe fasho…
…I know Vinny"
that's the same shit
Aspect did in Tahoe City
it didn't work then
and it isn't working now
this chick didn't listen
just dissed him
and hurried out saying…