Do What You Say

by BPos



BPos MC's, Goodword, D-Wiz, Khafre and Mazta i, team up on this track with Brycon and some assistance from Toots and the Maytals.


ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

My fam we move fast
like a cayenne cleanse
mishawanee is what it be
to all my mayan friends
I get more strange than portishead
as every album drops
aint bout to stop
we all game
like a cornish hen
you're short of flem
like you got cotton mouth
you can't spit
talkin mad shit tho
bout to get ya ass kicked

ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
don't wanna hear what you say
gotta see what you do

Claimin you was fly
so you could be
the dude to try
to step to me with chemistry
now you gotta prove a lie
to scientist
you're like a multivitamin
an obvious placebo
I gotta squish the ego

Yeah they got a pitch for TIVO
but the digital stream strengths thresh
prevent their week show to float
where folks sign in
And I, the signal of an eagle
while flying, wind will guide.
A bolt of lighting hits the wing
while diving. Then decide.
The jolt will bring me to my people
We note the rise again
but some feel that a
savior's been deceased
and try as him.
ya'll all delicious.
See We fish for treats
with a legacy to fry and blend

don't wanna hear what you say
gotta see what you do

what it do do
these bitches is still talking
and aint even working
on makin some shit happen
they just sit back and
telling the story they spill often
off of next season's rappin
yappin and lips flappin
we should kidnap em
just slap em in a big trap
and teach em it's wack
when all your weak talk
will never happen
just spittin these words
will make me wanna work more
cause given the life and rights
if I never fight
will probably hurt more
it's a turf war
between my dreams
and my plans
and both of those won't happen
if I ain't beaten the land
a piece in each hand
working the earth
and looking at you

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Fools wanna act
like somethin's brewin
ain't nothin doin tho
spewin the usual
stupid ol' wach shit
to the beautiful
usable proven attraction
yer gone like a non
reusable napkin
that's refuse in the trash bin
or just another excuse
to be laughin
like inline skaters
when they split pants falling
this one's for rappers
that are faker
than a switch stance nollie

I can't believe the words you said
manifestin illusions
I heard you fed
poison to the sheeple
starving for bread
crumbs of confusion
replace your bed
No sleep
red eyes
stomach touchin your spine
We was promised education
how we clutching on swine?
all the water we can drink
comes with chemical line
where the dots don't connect
but give us criminal time
corporations own private
dividin a nation
racism is dead?
but you could see
that we racin
following the blind
to a wall of devastation

Don't wanna hear what you say
gotta see what you do

While playing games. Check
There's an alternative
Correct with action affirmative
to pair off and terminate
Select track like Nike
to let jukeboxes turn a bit
been absent from the office
cause of the music
and concerns with it
share costs with dudes and taxes
fading and boss i'm burning it
learning quick what's a loss
and what grade will hit
smooth as perm is slick
Stand up. Applaud.
to many plenty subdued


released August 11, 2016
written by: Goodword, D-Wiz, Mazta i, Khafre. Beat by: Brycon



all rights reserved


BPos California

BPos is D-Wiz (MC/Lyricist, Producer), Goodword (MC/Lyricist) Khafre (MC/Lyricist), and Johnny Venetti (DJ)

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